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Floor Decals

If you would like to have any of our posters, signs and floor graphics branded with your organization's

logo and colors, please contact us, at 

Floor tile stickers are great for promoting social distancing and keeping your clients and employees safe. Our vinyl floor decals can be applied on almost every surface: tile, concrete, wood, etc. Floor tile stickers are very durable and can be personalized for your brand and include your own copy and logo. Contact for personalized stickers for the floor.

Our non-slip floor decals and stickers made from highly durable vinyl, they can be used to create efficient and effective social distancing queues, and remind your customers and employees to maintain 6 feet of space between each-other. Although our floor tile stickers are durable, they are able to be removed cleanly on almost any surface.

Order your removable social-distancing floor decals today.

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