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HP SmartStream Pixel Analysis Module (Digital Download)

(Upon purchase you will recieve download instructions)


HP SmartStream Pixel Analysis Module

Provide accurate and timely quotes to customers before printing


Estimating job costs can be a frustrating process—especially if you’ve underbid the project. Now you can remove guesswork from the equation with the Pixel Analysis Module for HP SmartStream, which offers an accurate estimation of job and page prices. This sophisticated tool examines the pixel coverage of jobs before printing—including mono and color coverage. Eliminate charging mistakes and save valuable time


Perform the initial one-time pricing setup.

The module will automatically analyze “color” and “total” pixel coverage at the page level for each job and then send that information to you.

Save money. Obtain accurate job quotations at the push of a button.

HP SmartStream Pixel Analysis Module (Digital Download)

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