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HP SmartStream Document Organizer Module - EON (Digital Download)

(Upon purchase you will recieve download instructions)


HP SmartStream Document Organizer Module

Reassemble and rename large file sets


The process of renaming files is excruciatingly time consuming, which is why some reprographic companies charge customers per page as compensation for these efforts. HP has discovered a way to automate this process for you with the Document Organizer Module for HP SmartStream. It will significantly reduce effort and turn compensation into revenue generation. The Document Organizer Module allows you to rename files, create different versions of files, and reorder pages—all while saving up to 70% of your time. Innovative OCR technology helps you automatically— and instantly—read text on an unlimited number of pages. You can then use this information to rename large file sets, including batches, with minimal effort and mistakes.


Typically you receive large sets of incorrectly named files (.pdf, .tiff, and HPGL2 ) that you must manually rename one by one.

Select the area on the page to scan using OCR technology. Confirm you want to scan the same area on every page.

The module automatically renames all pages in the grid and on your computer.

HP SmartStream Document Organizer Module - EON (Digital Download)

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